MX Logic Service Bundles


Delivering In The Clutch
Threats can come at you from any angle, in multiple and often changing forms. MX Logic Service Bundles offer a stalwart defense against these blended threats, protecting your business against viruses, worms, Trojan Horses and malicious code.

Is your company vulnerable to exploitation? You'll never have to worry with MX Logic. Get solid value and superior protection with the combined managed services of MX Logic® Email Defense Service (EDS), MX Logic® Web Defense Service (WDS) and MX Logic® Message Archiving (Archiving).


Triple Threat Protection for One Complex Problem


  • Complete SecuritySM
    The most comprehensive coverage bundle. Protects your company with award-winning managed services that combine email, web and message archiving.
  • Email Security & ArchivingSM
    Full email security that combines the MX Logic Storage Control archiving service to protect the integrity of online communications.
  • Email & Web SecuritySM
    An economical bundle that includes complete email protection combined with Total Control Web defense.



Bundle packages that include archiving service are available in 1, 3, 5, and 7 year retention periods.


Email Security Web Security Archiving
Email & Web SecuritySM yes yes
Email Security & ArchivingSM yes yes
Complete SecuritySM yes yes yes

Security Bundle Features


The following features of our Email Defense Service, Web Defense Service and Message Archiving are available in our security bundles:


Email Security

  • Advanced spam blocking, including Premium Multi-Language Anti-Spam Filter
  • Triple virus and worm scanning
  • MX Logic® Message Continuity, including outbound virus filtering
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Email attack protection
  • Fraud protection
  • MX Control ConsoleSM administration and reporting portal
  • Sophisticated quarantine management
  • 14-day spam quarantine
  • Automated, around-the-clock email threat monitoring and protection
  • (Optional) Outbound message filtering


Archiving Features

  • Unlimited storage
  • Month to month service agreements
  • Create searches based on message and attachment content, sender, recipient, date range, message size, and more.
  • Give end users access to their personal archive via Microsoft Outlook.
  • Perform multiple searches at once using MX Logic's unique Parallel Search Technology.
  • Choose from either "Advanced" or "Simple" search options
  • Save searches for future use
  • Secure archiving communications using either TLS or SSL.
  • 1, 3, 5, and 7 year retention periods.


Web Security (MX Logic® Web Defense Service -Total Control)

  • URL Filtering
  • Anti-spyware scanning
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Group policies management
  • IP- and ser-level authentication
  • Safe Search Protection
  • Peer-to-peer Site Blocking
  • Streaming Media Site Blocking
  • MX Control ConsoleSM admin and reporting portal
  • Automated, around-the-clock Web threat monitoring and protection


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