Spam Protection Email Defense Service Packages


The MX Logic Email Defense Service is available in five solution packages (below) as well as in three service package options.


  • MX Ultimate AccessSM: Our most comprehensive package includes powerful email security plus MX Logic® Message Continuity, which provides email storage, access and use during planned or unplanned outages.
  • MX Ultimate DefenseSM: A robust package of email threat services and the MX Logic® Fail Safe Service, our storage-only disaster recovery service.
  • MX Critical DefenseSM: An ideal package for businesses that require advanced protection against inbound threats.
  • MX Enterprise Defense PlusSM: This package allows organizations of all sizes to customize the Email Defense Service to meet their unique email threat and disaster recovery needs.
  • MX Perimeter DefenseSM: The ideal low cost service perfect for businesses needing to reduce the load on their existing on-premises anti-spam solution.

For comprehensive coverage for all of your online security needs, look at our Service Bundles options. These economically advantageous packages include variations of our best Email Defense Services, Web Defense Services and Message Archiving Services.


MX Logic
Email Defense Service
MX Ultimate Access MX Ultimate Defense MX Critical Defense MX Enterprise Defense Plus MX Perimeter Defense
Perimeter IP Filtering yes yes yes yes yes
Advanced Spam Blocking yes yes yes yes  
Premium Anti-Spam Multi-Language Filter yes yes yes yes  
Triple Virus and Worm Scanning yes yes yes Add-on  
Double Virus and Worm Scanning       Add-on  
Zero-Hour Worm Protection yes yes yes yes yes
Content and Attachment Filtering yes yes yes yes  
Email Attack Protection yes yes yes yes yes
Fraud Protection yes yes yes yes  
Advanced Administrative and Reporting Portal yes yes yes yes  
Sophisticated Quarantine Management yes yes yes yes  
24x7 Monitoring yes yes yes yes yes
24x7 Customer Support yes yes yes yes yes
Outbound Message Filtering yes yes   Add-on  
MX Logic Message Continuity yes     Add-on  
MX Logic Fail Safe Service   yes   Add-on  
Extended Spam Quarantine Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on  
Intelligent Routing Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on  


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