Spam Protection E-Mail Filtering Defense


Spam Protection Email Filtering & Defense Service


Your business needs effective, reliable, managed email protection against spam, viruses, spyware and other harmful malware. The Spam Protection Email Filtering &  Defense Service is a comprehensive email security solution that can protect your entire network to safeguard your communication and information integrity.

The fully-managed Email Defense service is a perimeter-based solution that blocks over 99 percent of spam, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments - and helps to eliminate 90 percent of spam-related costs.


Superior Combination of Technologies and Features


Our industry-leading threat experts developed this managed Software as a Service solution to provide protection from a wide range of email threats. This advanced technology, backed by skilled, 24/7 support includes more than 20 layers of filters, including:


  • More than 20 separate filters
  • Advanced Spam Blocking
  • Virus and Worm Scanning
  • Content and Attachment Filtering
  • Fraud Protection
  • Email Attack Protection
  • Outbound Message Filtering


In addition, the Email Defense Service provides:


  • Sophisticated Quarantine Management
  • Group Policies Management
  • Around-the-clock Monitoring and Protection
  • MX Logic® Disaster Recovery Services
  • Secure message delivery over Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Intelligent Routing to deliver mail to multiple servers for a single domain


Easy management and administration


Built on advanced and proprietary technology managed behind the scenes by the threat experts at MX Logic, the Email Defense Service provides an easy set-and-forget management experience through the MX Control Console™, our web-based administrative and reporting portal. With this intuitive user interface it's easy to customize the service to meet your business needs.

  • Accurate and effective quarantine with customizable reporting
  • Comprehensive email threat reporting
  • Web-based administration
  • Fine-tune email protection


Automatic updates provide zero-hour protection


With the MX Logic Threat Center providing up-to-the-minute updates, network administrators are freed from the day to day threat management. Our Threat Center technologists monitor the global state of email around the clock - providing a dynamic, proactive defense that protects against even the latest threats.

  • Around-the-clock threat management
  • Trend monitoring and up-to the-minute researching
  • Immediate deployment of updates and patches

Protect Your Email Within Minutes


The Email Defense Service offers rapid activation and provides easy set-up and administration. The service is available in five packages and three service bundles, which combine our award-winning email security with the MX Logic® Web Defense Service and MX Logic® Message Archiving Service.

  • Available with convenient month-to-month contracts
  • Requires no set-up fees, costly hardware or software installations



Service Packages


  • Spam Protection Ultimate AccessSM: Our most comprehensive package includes powerful email security plus MX Logic® Message Continuity, which provides email storage, access and use during planned or unplanned outages.
  • Spam Protection Ultimate DefenseSM: A robust package of email threat services and the MX Logic® Fail Safe Service, our storage-only disaster recovery service.
  • Spam Protection Critical DefenseSM: An ideal package for businesses that require advanced protection against inbound threats.


For more information on Spam Protections security solutions, contact us at 1.888.537.0703, via email at, or submit an online inquiry.

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