Spam Protection Web Defense Service



Spam Protection Web Defense Service

The Best Offense Is A Strong Defense

All it takes is a single mouse click to damage your business. Between Web-based malware like spyware, viruses, and phishing attacks, and potential liability and lost productivity due to uncontrolled employee Web surfing, your Internet connection leaves your business vulnerable. Take the offensive. With the MX Logic Web Defense Service.


Shut the Door on Malware


Malicious Web-based and blended threats are on the rise, and you need to ensure that they never reach your network. The Web Defense Service blocks threats at the network perimeter, helping you to lessen the time and costs required to clean malware off of infected machines and reduce system downtime.

  • Prevents spyware from "phoning home"
  • Strips viruses from Webmail
  • Prevents users from downloading known phishing sites
  • Updated 24/7 by the MX Logic Threat Center to capture evolving threats

Put Web Usage Under a Microscope


Whether your employees are spending time updating their latest social networking site, checking on the latest scores, or online window shopping, your business could be losing thousands of hours a year in productivity. The Web Defense Service provides the tools you need to set limits on employee surfing and to determine who's going where on the Internet.

  • Provides visibility to Web usage through detailed reports
  • Enforces Internet usage policies for different user groups
  • Allows flexibility of content control through over 60 content categories
  • Protects the business against potential legal liability

No Fear
Spam Protection Web Defense is as affordable as it is powerful. And because it comes with convenient month-to-month contract terms, you'll never have to worry about high subscription costs, cumbersome technical support, or ongoing maintenance. Enjoy iron-clad security and unfettered productivity - exclusively with MX Logic Web Defense.


Spam Protection's Defense provides:


  • Protection for the entire network, including roaming users
  • Convenient month-to-month contract terms
  • No hardware or software to integrate
  • Rapid service activation
  • Easy administration through the MX Control ConsoleSM, our Web-based administrative portal
  • Flexible and scalable for growth
  • Complimentary 24x7 service and support

For more information on Spam Protections security solutions, contact us at 1.888.537.0703, via email at, or submit an online inquiry.

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